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DC Controllers

SC1200 series controller is a 2-quadrant controller for low power applications.

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Who we work with

Working alongside other world-class suppliers and OEMs, Sevcon is challenging technological boundaries as demand grows to generate greater power and efficiency from smaller, lighter components.

The design of our motor controllers now complements and integrates with other electric vehicle components to offer the best possible performance and value to a wide range of vehicles.

Working with others, we have developed a number of ground-breaking products. From electric power steering systems to single pump systems and a HypAC integrated brushless pump motor range with improved functionality and speed.

Sevcon works with a wealth of blue chip international manufacturers including Peugeot and Renault, supplying electric vehicle motor controllers for a diverse range of applications from cars, motorcycles and scooters to a host of industrial vehicles.

Here are just a few examples:

More details of some of Sevcon's implementations can be found in this brochure:

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