Low Voltage Controllers

Gen4 DC

The Gen4 DC sets a new standard in DC brushed motor controller performance and reliability.


Product Overview

The Gen4 DC is compatible with a wide range of motors, including Separately Excited Motor ( SEM) & Permanent Magnet brushed motors. The Gen4 DC Inverter is CAN capable and can be configured to accurately drive the motor in current control mode, offering a real and precise torque control of the motor. Speed control is also available. All types of motor are driven via four-quadrant armature control, resulting in immediate delivery of motor torque and enhanced fault protection of the system. Integrated logic circuitry and vehicle control functionality means that VCU functionality can be configured within the Gen4 DC unit.


  • Integrated IO and logic circuit
  • Four quadrant armature control
  • Hill decent speed limitation (with/without speed sensor)
  • True torque control
  • Hardware and software failsafe watchdog operation
  • Integrated Capacitor pre-charge function
  • CANBus communication
  • Power¬†up autocheck system diagnostics
  • Motor speed sensor input available
  • IP66 protection
  • Integrated power fuse holder
  • World class quality
  • Low cost
  • Proven Gen4 track record
  • Integrated fuse holder for simplified vehicle wiring
  • Compact size
  • Light weight


  • Highly flexible¬†software includes vehicle master functionality remove the need for additional VCU units.
  • Our experience with a range of motors and many different applications offers a low risk solution to your electrification needs.

Solution & Applications

  • Hybrid Vehicles

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