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Renault Selects Sevcon To Provide Controllers For Twizy

Monday, March 26, 2012

Renault has selected Sevcon to supply the all-important electric motor controllers for its mould-breaking new electric vehicle range, the Twizy ZE (zero emission), which is now on sale.

Sevcon, based in North East England but operating globally, is Europe's leading supplier of EV controllers and its 48 volt Gen4 AC unit has been specified by Renault.

The new Renault Twizy has an ultra compact footprint and low running costs and is being targeted at busy city-based drivers looking for a second vehicle. The lower-powered version of the Twizy should also be of interest to younger drivers' providing a safe means of gaining traffic experience without the need for a driver's licence in some countries. The new zero emission (in road use) Twizy will be available in two models; the standard model is powered by a 13kW (17hp) motor, while a smaller engine version comes with a 4kW (5hp) motor. Both cars incorporate a 7kWh lithium-ion battery located underneath the front seat which will be leased by the vehicle owner.

The Renault Twizy will have a range of up to 100km, a regulated top speed of 80km/h and the battery fully charges in three and a half hours. The vehicle can carry two people, the passenger being seated behind the driver.

A Sevcon Gen4 size 4 motor controller is utilised in the standard road vehicle and a Gen 4 size 2 unit is used in the smaller engine model. In both cases the Sevcon Gen4 microprocessor based controllers regulate the power delivery from the battery to the motor to control the speed of the vehicle along with other engine and vehicle functions.

The full range of Gen4 AC controllers has operating voltages from 24 to 400V and a power range from 2 to 100kW. The advanced units incorporate the latest electronic motor control technology and enclosure assembly to provide the smallest control modules in the industry relative to power delivery. 

The use of integrated logic circuits and advanced flux vector control improves traction control efficiency and motor responsiveness - channelling drive power and energy from the battery smoothly and effectively, as well as integrating other functions such as throttle, direction and other key switches.

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Martin Hayes or Tom Callow at Automotive PR 020 7952 1070


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