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China Breakthrough for new EV motor control technology

Monday, November 21, 2011

Electric vehicle controller specialist Sevcon has won a contract to supply pioneering drivetrain control technology for a new range of utility and all terrain vehicles being manufactured in China.  Sevcon is to supply its specialist Gen 4 microprocessor controllers for an innovative powertrain platform developed by the Zhejiang Xinyang Industry Co. Ltd., an established manufacturer of UTVs, ATVs, Jeeps, Go Karts and amphibious vehicles.  The new electric range of UTVs is being developed for sale in Europe, USA and Southeast Asia and is powered by a 48V, 5kW motor, which will be controlled by a Sevcon Gen4 size 4 motor controller.

The new vehicle, which will have a top speed of 45kph and a range of up to 80km, attracted considerable interest at its recent launch at the EICMA show in Milan.  The Gen4 motor controller ensures the smooth and effective delivery of energy from the battery to the motor controlling speed and acceleration.  The high efficiency of the Gen4maximises the range and performance of the vehicle whilst offering long life even in  demanding ATV applications.  In winning this contract to supply the Gen4 technology to Zhejian Xinyang, Sevcon worked closely with its local representative, Shanghai FangAn Engineering Technology Co. Ltd., to provide vehicle performance, power engineering and technical recommendations for the new drivetrain platform.

The Sevcon Gen4 series represents the very latest in compact AC motor control technology, delivering a high power capacity relative to unit size. Across the complete Gen4 range, motor controllers are available for operating voltages up to 800V DC and providing output power up to 280kW.


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