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Oxford YASA Motors and Sevcon in engineering joint venture

Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Oxford YASA Motors and Sevcon have formed a new business alliance for the development of a new integrated electric motor and controller package that will set new standards in automotive drivetrain efficiency, packaging and performance.

The companies are collaborating to integrate the proven YASA direct-drive motor directly with the new Sevcon Gen 4 Size 8 400V controller for use in global EV and HEV automotive applications. The integrated package will allow previously separate components to be replaced by a single, compact two-wheel drive solution offering the highest combined torque-to-weight available of over 30Nm/kg from a package that will sit in the volume typically required for a differential

This joint venture between Oxford YASA Motors and Sevcon indicates the strong commitment of both companies to develop and market this new innovative solution with the appropriate infrastructure and leadership in place to deliver customer projects and ensure success. Nick Farrant, CEO of Oxford YASA Motors, said "Our relationship with Sevcon is key to maintaining the high-pace of commercial development and supports our business model of collaboration with world-class partners. The integrated product is highly disruptive and breaks with convention, presenting automotive customers with a unique option for high-performance direct-drive vehicle applications". The collaboration will be led by Mike Dowsett as the Vice President of Business Development working for Oxford YASA Motors, with reporting responsibility to both Nick Farrant, and Matt Boyle, President & CEO of Sevcon. Dowsett is a qualified leader with more than 28 years experience in the automotive industry, and is highly respected for his passionate support of hybrid technology as well as his high expectation for product performance and delivery. Matt Boyle, President & CEO of Sevcon, said, "We are delighted to strengthen our relationship with Oxford YASA Motors and we are pleased that Mike has joined our senior management team to help us develop and implement a focussed campaign to meet the rising demand for this exciting new product."

Prior to joining Oxford YASA Motors, Dowsett successfully led global and multi-disciplined engineering teams at Visteon, FEV and most recently at Controlled Power Technologies.Dowsett steered the CPT SpeedStart product development which resulted in the patented design of one of the most powerful and reliable stop-start systems in today's automotive hybrid market. Starting his career with Ford Motor Company as an apprentice, Dowsett developed a clear understanding of every aspect of Vehicle design, procurement and manufacture from all levels of the organisation. With a Bachelors Degree in Automotive Engineering underpinning his experience in hybrid design, his skills and industry knowledge will be fully leveraged to secure the customers and applications best suited for the products offered by Oxford YASA Motors and Sevcon.

"Mike has demonstrated leadership in the development and implementation of cutting-edge automotive technology, and will be an invaluable asset to the Joint Venture as we continue to develop and improve our range of integrated products," said Nick Farrant, Oxford YASA Motors CEO.


About Oxford YASA Motors:
Oxford YASA Motors Limited is Oxford University's 65th spin-out company. The company was created to commercialise the intellectual property originally developed on the YASA motor by the Energy and Power Group (EPG). The YASA motor has a number of distinct advantages, including a very high specific torque (torque to weight ratio), a high efficiency (typically up to 95%) and the possibility for low cost manufacturing. The YASA motor has achieved good market acceptance since the company was formed in 2009 with sales growing quickly and validation testing progressing well.

The company is targeting Automotive, Aerospace, Marine and Industrial markets where torque, efficiency and low motor mass are critical ingredients in achieving a high performance drive solution. A range of innovative YASA motors and drive system packages are available. More details from


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