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Gateshead firm Sevcon set to become world leader in switch to electric vehicles

Monday, March 7, 2016

Sevcon has spent more than £10m on Italian Bassi to give it a joint 'centre of excellence' that makes it a world leader.

A North East firm is hoping its £10m+ acquisition of an Italian company could make it a world leader in the switch to electric cars.

Gateshead company Sevcon took a major step in its goal to secure a growing share in the global hybrid and electric vehicle (HEV) transition when it bought Italian battery charging business Bassi.

Sevcon CEO Matt Boyle said the link-up between the two companies gave his firm the ability to overcome some of the main obsticles that currently exist in persuading people to switch to electric vehicles.

Bassi is at the forefront of improving charging points for the public and recently installed super-fast outlets on a major road near Milan that can charge cars in 10 minutes.

It is also working on public charging stations in Japan and the US.

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Source the Chronicle Live


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