About Bassi

No matter what challenge you face with your battery, your electric vehicle or your power system, Bassi has a solution. 

With the company’s world-class engineering team and production facilities, it provides complete ‘turn-key' solution so its customers can concentrate their efforts in the development of the business, allowing Bassi to take care of product design, manufacturing and service, optimizing resources and cutting costs.

Bassi provides a fundamental contribution to the development of fast charging systems for batteries. This technology has enabled thousands of companies, including some leading global brands, to convert their fleets of industrial vehicles from diesel to electric, and to operate them continuously without changing batteries. 

This experience, unique in its kind, has been transferred to the field of electric vehicles for public transportation, with the development of rapid-charging stations for EVs. Roadside Bassi EV charging stations have been installed in Italy and the US with plans afoot to move into new global markets.

Bassi serves market segments where performance, efficiency and reliability are critical. Its customers include energy companies, as well as industrial manufacturers, government agencies, airlines and aerospace contractors.


As well as the design and production facilities at its Italian home it also has four laboratories supporting different elements of its research and development work.

These include;

EV Infrastructure

Its newest lab is entirely dedicated to the development of EV charging and support infrastructure for future public transport. 

Power Electronics & Energy

Dedicated to design and test of switchmode converters, high-frequency battery chargers and other power electronics. 


Equipped with workstations and test benches for electronics, mechanics and software facilitating the design and simulation of electronic circuits and printed circuit boards.

Electronic Prototyping and Testing

Bassi’s enthusiasm and commitment, positions it to be a pole of attraction for the best talents in business.



The needs of Bassi’s customers are its priority. The company conducts its business with fairness, honesty and integrity.

Bassi is not content to know the theory and then solve problems in the conventional way. It aims to deploy truly innovative technical solutions and to be the company of choice for the industry’s best talents. 


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